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Short Riders "Headed South"

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Tumbleweed Dan
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PostPosted: Thu Nov 30, 2006 9:13 pm    Post subject: Short Riders "Headed South" Reply with quote

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Author Message

Posted From: Posted on Monday, July 25, 2005 - 08:00 pm:
After a couple of bowls of whiskey laced soup which ain’t as bad as it sounds, I started to remember how I got in this fevered condition. Wau and I was a noodling on the San Saba for catfish when he stepped into this hole and disappeared from sight. He had done caught a large catfish and was pert near drowning when I dove in to save his hide. Only problem was that the hole he was drowning in was only a little over four feet deep and I dang near busted my head open on the bottom. Well I guess the shock made me feverish and no telling what was told to Doc Greyfox as Wau ain’t awanting Captain Dee Horne to know what he nearly drown in a wading pool. When I was myself again, what ever that is, the Rangers meet up with Sheriff Brown over to the jail and was gave our orders of march to take care of this rogue Judge called Bean down Langtry way. It is a squirt of a town down in Val Verde County Texas along the Rio Grande where the golden spike was placed when the Railroad was finished. Most of its population comes from a little town where the Rio Grande and the Pecos Rivers met called Vinegarroon. Seems Judge Roy Bean fashioned himself a hanging Judge which made Yankee madder than anything as she is the only Hanging Judge in these parts. To be continued if ya think it should be…….

Posted From: Posted on Monday, July 25, 2005 - 08:49 pm:
Sheriff Brown told us that when we get to Val Verde County, we will need to be able to hit little outlaws from a long ways off as that country is not like it is here where the bad guys are big and close. He let us shoot out of his jail at some targets he placed up the dry wash out back so we could get used to hitting when it counts. Only problem is some of the people could not shoot over the window without a stool to stand on but we made due when Captain Dee would just hold them up and let them shoot.

After the practice session the Rangers and Sheriff Brown set about naming the posse that would set things right in Langtry. Captain Horne was heading the posse and was counting on Wau and Boden to roundup some of the local boys to help out. Judge Bean had a sorry lot doing his bidding and they were ruthless. Boden went to Punkinweed Dan and Dan said his two boys from Arizona would meet up with us in Strobridge as the train ran through there and we had to go that way to stock up on supplies. Some might know the town as Sanderson now-a-days. Those two Hombres were known to us all as Arizona Redneck and Twig. Now Twig was sort of new comer but he was a quick and a deadly shooter. Redneck was fast as a lizard on the playground at recess and accurate. Wau went down to the local hang out and after a couple of doubles he rounded up some locals to help out. Ben Ali Canbe, Shane Coup, and one mean shootist who called himself Polish Desperado. Seems he and Caprock Leatherneck known each other forever.
Shane was quitting his job at the Bank to get away from those screaming kids and nagging Misses and that ornery Banker. Said the thought of getting shot don’t seem that scary anymore. To be continued if ya think I should……..

Posted From: Posted on Monday, July 25, 2005 - 10:50 pm:
Lane went to ask his little woman Elaine McLean if he could go with the boys to Langtry ifn he finished that patio he started sometime back. She said “might as well go ahead, you will only sit around and whine ifn you don’t get to go.” Lane headed to the school to recruit John Larn the local teacher at Sprayberry High. He is one fine cook on the trail and can shoot straight and fast. He was lining the children up for a game of dodge the gourd when I ask him to go. He said he would be glad to since he was in a killing mood and it wouldn’t be right to take it out on the children.

With the posse rounded up and fitted we all had the top of the line Colt clones and those Winchester 73’s. Punkinweed Dan said he had all the tools to keep’em shooting as he had plenty of leather to keep the 73’s going and axle grease to lube the clones. They sometimes tended to lockup if not lubricated properly.
Sheriff Brown supplied us all with plenty of those light loads and Wau had a good supply of those 45/120 specials he loved to lob at the long range bad guys.

So we headed south to Rankin where we were to meet up with Pecos Pat. Boden informed us that Pat did not live at Rankin but got his mail there so we sent a letter and told him to have a herd of horses ready for the ride to Langtry. We was a sorry sight as Wau rode Sharps and lead a string of Shetland pack horses so out of proportion with their burden they looked like a tumble bug carrying a horse apple. Captain Dee Horne, Ranger Tex Boden, Ranger Wau O’Bansee, and Ranger Lane McLean. “Lane, get out of the soup and get up here with the rest of us” shouted Caprock Leatherneck. Yankee Texan, Shane Coup, Ben Ali Canbe, and John Larn made up the citizen portion of this Sprayberry Posse. To be continued ifn ya think it should be……

Posted From: Posted on Monday, July 25, 2005 - 11:47 pm:
The trip went pretty well to plan plum to Rankin and on to Strobridge when Pecos Pat got some news that made the Hagins mad as well you know how mad they can get. It seems that Pecos heard some talk along the trail that Judge Bean had a family working for him from the Silver City New Mexico area. They called themselves oh I can’t remember offhand but it was the name of a river up that away. Oh yea I remember they were called the Rio Bonitos. They were into gun running or something with the Gila Injuns but I do remember that Punkinweed Dan, Twig and Redneck just got madder than anything when you mentioned their name. It seems that Dan had an altercation with one of the family at some kind of shootout up that way when someone crowded Dan. Seems Dan ran short on ammo and Wau tossed him the winning shot and got called for it. He informed them that no body touches a Hagins unless they are from West Texas and then only a friend gets to live from it. Seems they were working for the Judge now and Redneck nearly walked a circle wanting to face off with the whole lot of’em. Wau talked Dan and the Boys down and promised them they had dibs on the bunch when we settled their hash.

At Strobridge we ran into an old friend of Punkinweed Dan’s called himself Jonas Cord. Seems he was a peddler who had lots of powder and bullets we might need when we got to Langtry. He promised no light loads or high primers, both a worry for someone in a gunfight. We loaded up with grub and Larn got a good supply of snake bite medicine and just in case we didn’t see some snakes he got a sack of them also. He got a lock to put on the soup pot as Lane had an uncontrolled desire to drink from it often and in great quantities. Caprock worried that he might have created a monster in Lane since he hasn’t been the same since he got on the soup. To be continued ifn ya think I should………….

Jonas Cord
Posted From: Posted on Monday, July 25, 2005 - 11:49 pm:
________________________________________Way to go pard;keep it going!

John Larn
Posted From: Posted on Tuesday, July 26, 2005 - 12:21 am:
________________________________________Let'er rip taterchip!

Posted From: Posted on Tuesday, July 26, 2005 - 12:41 am:
One day out of Langtry the Posse from Sprayberry set up camp and made a plan to take the Rouge Judge and his sorry lot of scoundrels out of action. Bean had run amok long enough in the area surrounding Del Rio. His crooked crew was running captives and whiskey to the Mexico side of the Rio Grande doing a good business with the Indians. That part about the whiskey caught Lane’s attention just for a moment and then he went back to sipping his soup. Captain Horne sent Wau and Caprock ahead to scout the area. When they came back a fool proof plan would be formed and the end of Bean would be seen.

Wau and Cap returned a couple hours after sunset and told what they had seen. The lot of Bean and his crew were hold up in the Jersey Lily and playing poker and would be as drunk as Lane by midnight. Captain Horne saw no good reason to wait until the next day to do what had to be done. Wau did mention that Bean had a pet bear and that would only be a problem if he got wind of Lane as he really liked his beer and whiskey. The bear also.

Wau had to leave his Shetland pack horses behind with Jonas as they would only confuse the already drunk locals. We wanted to kill them with bullets not make them laugh themselves to death. As the posse surrounded the small abode known only as the Jersey Lily, Larn could not help himself as the school teacher came out in him and he began to tell us the history of the Jersey Lily. Seems Bean had a crush on a singer lady back east named Lily Langtry. So Bean named the town Langtry and the saloon the Jersey Lily. “Not real sure where the Jersey came from unless Miss Langtry lived on a dairy” stated Larn.

Shane Coup and Ben headed for the barn out behind the bar to set up and get anyone trying to leave that way. Yankee and Caprock set up in the hay loft to get a good view of the bar so they kept saying.

Dan and the boys from Arizona were going to bust into the bar and start the dance shooting and killing anything that moved. They especially wanted to get to the Rio Bonitos and settle an old sore score.

The Rangers were set up at the windows to shoot anything that might present itself in out of the line of fire of the Hagins.

Lane was just going to charge the bar and charge the bar.

The last duty and maybe the most important one that would start the ball was for Polish Desperado to shoot the bear with his pistol caliber rifle from a long distance. He was chosen as he was one shot better than Cap with this particular rifle.

Pecos was to stampede the stock and take them all back to camp. Horses, cows, goats, dogs and cats.

When the Hagins kicked in the door to the Jersey Lily, the whole sorry lot was passed out in the floor. Never seen such a sorry sight in our lives as that bear passed out on the table with a straight flush and no one to call his hand. Captain Horne arrested the lot and set up his own court as soon as he got Cap and Yankee out of the loft. Seems it was a stroke of luck that the crooked crew was passed out as Ben and Shane were sound asleep at the barn. Seems Shane got home sick for the wife and screaming kids he talked Ben’s ear off and they both gave up the chase. Said the first thing he was going to do when he got back to Sprayberry was to go to school at Sprayberry High and let Larn teach him to count change.

Redneck was so mad, well we all know how mad he can get, that the Bonitos were passed out he kicked a chair and broke his little toe on his right foot. That should slow him down some at the next shoot. Twig and Dan are still laughing at him cause he just hops around and yells something in Arizonian I’m sure.

As the crew headed back to Sprayberry, Lane took control of the Jersey Lily and was going to make a go of giving the place a new reputation. He considered opening a home for wayward Rangers who were ex-patients of Caprock Leatherneck and one Hanging Judge Yankee Texan. Boden said he might even consider living in down town Rankin, right next to the Post Office, since he might like to become a city boy.

The rest is history or should be.


Posted From: Posted on Friday, July 07, 2006 - 10:49 pm:
________________________________________How's biz in langtry these days?

Posted From: Posted on Saturday, July 08, 2006 - 01:48 am:
Is there a comment page or do we just gig ya here? HAHYA. Good post Lane...

TW Dan
Posted From: Posted on Tuesday, August 01, 2006 - 11:22 pm:
________________________________________White washed TT again.

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