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Short Riders "Facin Death"

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PostPosted: Thu Nov 30, 2006 9:12 pm    Post subject: Short Riders "Facin Death" Reply with quote

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Posted on Thursday, June 30, 2005 - 12:20 am:

It was hot and dusty the day Wau O'Bansee left Sprayberry. Dust kicked up in the barron streets as Sheriff Brown and Ranger Boden hand WBS the reins to the faithfull palomino named Sharp's .
It had been two full years of parole for the boy and he was ready to head home. God's country as he called it. He had been thru enough in the badlands of West Texas. A few tips of the hats and no words spoken . Sharp's ears perked up and headed for the eastern sky.
Ten long days of hard ridin put Wau in the saddle of liveoak trees and a river every fifteen miles.
He was headn, for the country where he grew up, McCullough county Texas. His Grandfather had built the first house in the county fightn off indians in 1854. He built it on a clear water spring on Katemcey creek that all flowed down into the San Saba River that the Tonkawa indians call Wau Ban See Springs which they called Mirror waters. He grew up there and knew the country well. He had hunted turkey in the river breaks for Thanksgivin dinners, caught channelcat and yellars out of the river grapplin, and had fought many an injun on the banks of the river.
He headed up the oak lined lane to his grandads house as he knew he would be welcome.
Papa had built the house for a home fort so's all the neighbors could come when trouble was brewin from the indians or whatever. There were shootn ports in the eaves of the house. In order to shoot out of them a man had to swing a quilt on the rafters of cedar and cyprus timber and sit in them like a hammock. So, if one of the neighbors came a runnin in and said it was time for a quiltn party you knew the fight was on.
Wau pulled up in front of the spring house that was built over the head waters of the spring to hold meat and milk and eggs and such in the cool of the water.
He yelled a few times and then Granny Martha Turner stepped out on the porch. "Gran it's me Wau Ban See", "son i thought ya was dead" , "no gran just treated wrong for a couple years." Where's Papa?" , " Son I lost him last summer" .
"ain't nobody but you here?" "No the indians is on a big spree and they kilt two of Shane Coups kiddos, and took his wife and two other girls from a farm a few miles up the river named Twig.."
Wau pondered awhile and Gran fixed up some fine vittles. "Gran they ain't but one thing to do,, Call in some help and go after the culprits."
Wau knew that it would kill his soul to have to call for help but he would need it in the worst way. Cause it wasn't local redboys that stole women and children , it was panhandle and Okie Territory scroundrels that did that ,, and all were led by the worst chief alive Ben Layenum.
Wau saddled up Sharp's and head for the fort post a couple of miles from the house, Camp San Saba, Papa had ask the army for indian help back in 56 from Ft. Mason and they had put in a temporary camp down at the river between Mason and Brady.
Wau rode into the fort and was greeted by a few friends and enemies , and headed for the captain's quarters named Neches Jack,,he weren't much but his wife could sew a a suit of clothes in a few mintues and pretty much ran the show for the family.
Jack greeted Wau in a freindly manner and Wau said "Jack i need help , need a post rider to head for West Texas and get some of the boys back
so's we can get the white girls back." Jack says" Wau i know what ya been doin for two years and know the boys that did ya in , sure ya wanta call on em."
Wau kicked dirt cussed and began to remember all the old times in the River breaks . Truth is Wau was runnin buddys with Horne, Boden, and a wicked gal that chewed backke and cussed like indian trader named yankee. All of them took the last of the silver from Jim Bowie that had been runnin the lost silver mines of the San Saba river bottoms for years , before leavin for the Alamo in 47'.
All this bunch includen Punkin Dan the tracker had helped Wau reap havvoc on the river country for years.. Boden and Horne had went for the money as a Ranger, criminals catchin criminals , Dan for some saloon girl named Judy the shopper, and Yankee,, Well she always had a thing for some flat lander on the Llano Estacdo named Leatherneck and everytime ya needed her she was hangin out with him,, but ifn ya could ever get her there, she was a straight shooter and had a hat full of smarts.. a rider you could put ya destiny in .
Course all of these no telln' sacks of sap had done Wau wrong,, only thing he could figure was that he thought if they hung him , he might have burned them all just before the deed in his last testiment, and put a little shame on them,,
"No time to waste though, send the post rider and tell the gang i need help! "
Oh yeah , " Tell Dan to go and get Pecos Pat , He's probably hold up at Black Jack Ketchum Canyon runnin indian ponies, we'll need his ponies and his birdshead pistols". Pat was a mean boy , Backed Doc Holliday into a corner at Ft. Griffin in Albany and took Kate and his dog.
Too be continued...

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Posted on Thursday, June 30, 2005 - 01:43 am:

The West Texas sky was brown with sand when the post rider led his horse down the lonely street of Sprayberry.
Ledbetter and Brown looked out the sheriffs' office window and watched the tropper tie his horse to the hitchn post. Ledbetter says," I hope he has some post money , i got a bunch of stuff to sell, pots and pans, and a rubber sheet that Cord didn't take."
Brown moaned as the door opened and greated the trooper. " What can we do for ya soldier?" "Need to find the rangers Boden and Horne, can ya help?"
"Yeah i think so, think they have been at Memphis Belles place since the day they watched a harden criminal named Wau Ban See leave town,,guess they are knee deep in whiskey and women , Brown paused, it's kinda like they all knew somethin about the boy they brought in , but guess it was they just hated to see another one gone bad."
The trooper headed for the end of the street and the two story house that Belle had run for years.
Walkin in the door he was well greeted and took a couple big shots of whiskey. " Is Belle here,he ask", "sure i will get her, you gonna stay awhile soldier?" ,,
Belle walked into the front room of the chicken ranch and said "what can i do for ya trooper, one room or two?" , It ain't that maam , i need to see Horne and Boden, supposed to be rangers."
"We'll maybe there here i will go see, in fact i think they have been here for two weeks, a word of advice trooper, don't make a ranger, they make no money"
The trooper gazed into the bottom of the shot glass when Boden walked around the corner."Here you are lookn for me soldier?",, "Yeah , i was sent by Neches Jack at Camp San Saba , He says Wau is in trouble and needs help."
Tex's skin grew pale and he left for a minute and returned with Horne, Both looked like they had hear from the ghost of Christmas past.
"Whatya mean Wau is in trouble?","Jack just says Wau needs ya to track down injuns that took some white girls down on the San Saba."
Boden and Hornes' mind started spinning backwards. They both knew that the gold he gave to the folks at the vet home was really silver, and both knew they had helped steal it from Jim Bowie , who was over rated in the most , with his pig sticker, made from a plow.
Horne says," are you sure that they said Wau O'Bansee.. he just left here a few weeks ago?"
"yeah, it's him mean,mean , shot the post dog for a barkin", "yeah , that must be him",
"says's for ya to go get Punkin Dan and some sorts named Pecos Pat that has ponies,,,and someone else,, oh , yeah some Yankee Boy or something like that"
Hornes fist burried deep in the jaw of the trooper. Spit buckets flew and the trooper hit the floor, "Yank ain't no boy, and she don't need no talkin about by the likes of you."
The rangers took off down the street to the courthouse , and found Yankee in her chambers like always with the Leatherneck . "Dang boys you gotta knock,, we might have been in the middle of somethin sweet.." Boden and Horne just looked at each other and then at the Leatherneck, grins all around was in order.,,
"Yank, Wau is in the river breaks and needs help, indians stole women and kids, and he needs Pat and Punkin,, sounds dead serious to me."
"We'll what if he starts talkn , and what if he is leadn us into a trap, and and and ,, no he wouldn't do that and knew if he asked for Pat and Dan we would know it was help he needed.. "Go to the Livery and tell Turquoise i need my paint to ride and the bay for packn' , will be with ya in a couple minutes."
to be continued.

Keli Pearce
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Posted on Tuesday, July 05, 2005 - 10:42 pm:

I have NOT seen one thing written about the infamous "peachy" pants. They are bound to be a central theme in this story...

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Posted on Tuesday, July 05, 2005 - 11:47 pm:

The post rider was nursin a sore jaw as he headed toward Pecos and the infamous Judge Roy Beans place. After a long hard ride he tied his horse to the hitchin post in front of the Jersey Lilly,
and went in for a drink. Bean the sorry cuss had a little Mexican maid settn on his lap, and callin her Lilly, says "whatca want boy", "need to find Punkin Dan and Pecos Pat", Bean didn't like these two cause they weren't into hangin, both had woooped up on Bean and his followers, "they are over at the hotel gettn a room,, they have been in here all day drinkn whiskey and causin trouble",,
The post rider walked across the dusty street to the hotel, Pecos and Punkin was in the lobby tryin to get a room. He didn't say much just listened to the conversation.. Punkin says" Mr. i ain't gonna tell ya agin, want a room on the back and on ground level," but i don't have a room on the 1st floor," (Punkin had road with Hoods' Texas Brigade back in 62' in the great conflict between the states and had lost a leg that year when he had to take it off with a pocket knife his own self on a cold rainy night tryin to escape a Yankee camp). " Boy i ain't gonna tell ya agin'". Punkin reached down and pulled off the custom carved leg he was wearn' and throwed it on the lobby table.. The clerk's wife who was a helpn passed smooth out and fainted away, while her husband got a little wobbly himself, "Mr. maybe ya can just take our room, it's on the bottom floor." Punkin grabbed the room key and he and Pecos head out the door, " Damn Dan , that's the dangest thing i ever saw, and i seen ya do it a hundred times, and it still works! wish i could do that!"
The post rider spoke as the two stepped out , "you Pecos Pat and Punkin Dan", "maybe", some guy in peachy paints in Camp San Saba needs ya named O'Bansee, and two Rangers Boden and Horne says ya need to come now!"
Now Pecos knows when someone says NOW,especially a friend, it means now,, wheather it's a drinkn' three fingers in a bottle, or their head is pinned down by onoray critters, he knowed the call was there. Pecos and Punkin looked at each other and then at the rider. Dan didn't say a word and walked back in the door of the hotel and pitched the room key down beside the clerk still tryin to get the little woman up from a faintn' spell. Both walked to their horses and mounted up for a long ride to San Saba river breaks.
The post rider said" we'll mister whatca gonna do". " What we want to " " We'll are ya gonin or not?" neither said a word as they turned them indian paint poines to the east. to be continued!!

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Posted on Thursday, July 07, 2005 - 12:22 am:

Two days out of Sprayberry, Yankee, Boden, Horne and the two trackers made camp by the Concho river just up from Ft. Concho. Pat says," Yank ya gonna let the Leatherneck come into camp or just trail all the way there?" Yank sat there on a big rock near the river, took out a D-ring Bowie knife she had stole from Bowie and cut off a big chunk of twist tobacco, "think i will let him trail, if anyone is trailn us they will get him first." " Who's the dude with him?" "He's Polish Desparaty or somethin like that, but he's one shot out of ten better than Leatherneck,so's we might need him."
Three days later the group wandered into the river breaks and found Wau settn on the porch of the family home fort. Wau said , "there is food on the table, Gran will see to ya, we leave at daybreak headn north probably up towards Okie territory,who's the dudes trailin," Horne says,"Leatherneck and another boy named Polish", "shoulda figerd that Yank", Wau says.
That night Leatherneck and Polish came into camp.
Horne says," Wau you know we done the right thing back in Sprayberry, we was just follown the law."
"Yeah right, let's see if ya can follow the law now", Wau headed down by the river.
Day break brought a cool morning , fog rose above the waters of the San Saba, from the cool air and warm waters. Everyone was saddled and ready to go as the sun peeked over the river breaks.
None spoke a word as Wau turned Sharp's to the north and led the way on a journey that would tempt fate for all. to be continued.....

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Posted on Friday, July 08, 2005 - 01:14 am:

The riders rode 4 days hard, most indians would ride hard to between the Red and Pease rivers right before the indian nations before first camp. There they would keep most kiddos and females and kill the rest.
No sign was found on either river and the riders headed on north toward the Canadian and Adobe Walls post.
Pecos and Punkin came ridin into camp and said there was a renegade band of about 10 a couple miles north and were headin this way, probably to steal and kill.
About 10 miles east of Clarendon, the riders laid in wait for the war party.. They were lead by a big injun with white paint handprints on his horse and his face.
Punkin said, "think i will talk to him first," Boden and Horne went to the right in the mouth of a gully and the rest except for Wau went left to a stand of cottonwood trees. Wau throwed the Sharps on his shoulder headed up into some rocks about a half mile from the flat ..
Punkin met the big buck out in the flat and did some gesturin, and another indian rode up beside him what looked like a medicene man.
This little gatherin went on for a good five minutes. Punkin was talkin and all of a sudden the medicen man gained mid air about a foot from the horses back and proceeded to be in flight about ten yards to the rear. Pecos knew what had happened before you could hear the report of the heavy barrel sharps and he carved a hole in the big injun with a new repeatn rifle. Punkin just sat there for a second and turned around and shook his head ,cause both pow wowin boys were on the ground. A few war hoops and the rest of the band headed for Boden and Horne. 66's went to blazin. and injuns went to fallin. Horne ran out of shells in the rifle and pulled his pistols.,, bang, squib, he had paid cheap money for some colt clones and guess what , they shot cheap.
a couple renegades headed for Yank and Leatherneck but Polish took the first one out with the first shot, sounded like it took Leatherneck a couple rounds before he connected.
Horne was linin up on one runnin as his cheap pistols had killed an indian pony and not the rider, when a red hot poker nicked his ear..
Horne looked at Boden,,and said,,"i don't think that shot came from the front," "Whatya mean by that", about that time the right hand crease in the top of Bodens had opened up. " Dang Boden Wau is shootn at us." "Naw he ain't if was gonna kill us they would have been in the ear, he's just lettn us know he ain't happy". "Shoot!" Boden dropped the redskin about five yards out and he slid in face first.
The rest of the band lit out. Yankee came out from behind a big cottonwood tree and pulled the D-ring Bowie out to cut a piece of baccie, when the prized knife went sailin towards the creek.
A second or two later the report of the sharps boomed across the plains.
The two rangers rode up to Yank. Horne says" I think Wau ain't real happy with anybody." Yank says"If he broke my knife i am gonna cut him with the handle".
Wau rode up about that time."Sorry, was havin a little trouble with the new loads." think the sheriff in Sprayberry musta loaded them, Brown, I think". They wernt hittin quite where i was aimin.Let's head on north" . There wasn't much conversation as all headed toward the Cimmarron river. Horne put a wet hanky on his ear and Boden stuck a finger or two thru the hole in his hat and Yankee tried to bend the D back in the D-ring. to be continued....

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Posted on Saturday, July 09, 2005 - 08:22 pm:

The riders closed in on the Cimmarron river when they came on a camp of what looked to be flatlanders..Punkin came ridn back to the group and said,"Dang i think that is some folks from Sprayberry camped by the river". Boden and Horne decided they would break the silence as the group camped sounded like a bunch of prospectors shakin silver sleds, and had a fire big enough for Lakota to see in North Dakota territory. Horne hollared out ,"hello in the camp , we is comin in"
There was lots of hoopin and a handshakin goin on.
John Larn the school teacher had got run off for messin with an older student named Norma Ray, Hoodoo Brown had run off Jonas for drummin too much at Belle's and the women's group at the Primitive Baptist Church had run Belle out of town. The short old boy ridin with them was none other that the dirty old banker J.B. Bullwhip Books who left with a bank drawer full of money that he claimed the Short Gang had taken in their holdup attemp a couple years back.
They were all camped here for the night and were headed into Dodge City the next mornin and were gonna settle down there. J.B. was gonna bank roll Belle in another sportin house. Jonas had a goat cart loaded to the gills with wares to trade to the indians he said,pulled by the bigest Billy anyone had ever seen. Larn didn't know if he was gonna teach school or deal cards at Belles'.
Yank and Wau rode up as some of the the boys was greetn each other, J.B. stuck out his hand to shake with Punkin, when Wau pulled out a colt and shot a hole clean thru his hand. Yank yelled out, dang Wau i can see a circle of daylight in that shadow!Punkin says,"dang Wau you didn't have to do that to the old man," " That was for shootn' a good horse two years ago, and ....." about that time Larn run behind a tree. Pecos said," Wau you want me to flushem out for ya so's you can settle for ya buddy," "Naw, I didn't like Vito, or Luke either one he don't need killn for the likes of them two.. Bankers just bother me though"
The whole bunch of rifraf stayed near the river that night and rode into Dodge City the next morning.
Punkin told Jonas and his bunch adios they were heading on to Fort Dodge and see if anyone knew of Ben Layenem to get back some stole women and kids. A few handshakes was goin around except for J.B. to turned his pony down the street with his hands in his pocket. too be continued...

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Posted on Wednesday, July 13, 2005 - 12:14 am:

Pecos Pat watched as Larn headed for the telegraph office, first on his agenda was to wire for the sweet little Norma that he was run off because of,, of course she was a 21 year old widow and mother of 2 strappn boys that just couldn't read, and of course he had taught a little more than he should have.
Polish decided he was gonna stay in Dodge a little and try and get some new pistiols. He had some kinda like Dee's that was nothin but trouble.
It was 7 or 8 miles out to Ft. Dodge and the riders made it in pretty quick time. Boden and Horne headed for the fort commander a boy named John Wesley Woods and his side kick lutentant Dakota.. or Little Dakota for short..
Woods told the rangers that Ben was just east of the fort about 30 miles or so on the Cimmarron , and that he hadn't had much trouble with them since Dakota had quit courtn' one of Ben's good lookn' daughters . Dakota had won her fare and square from her pappy in a shootn contest, but then backed out of the deal when he found out the post dentist had given her a set of false teeth when she was 15 or so. Everyone knows that with them kinda teeth there wern't gonna be no hide chewin and makin soft buffalo robes, so he took three paint ponies and a skinnin knife and called it even.
The rangers told Wau that it would better if they sent Pecos Pat and Punkin Dan on toward the camp and try and talk a little pow-wow and see if they had any new people in their camp.
Everyone agreed that would be the thing to do and gathered up a few trinkets and such so's the boys could try and do a little tradn for hostages if need be.
Wau and the rangers headed for sudds row for a bath and cheap whiskey. Yank and Leatherneck headed for the livery stable , while Pat and Punkin headed out for indian territory.. to be continued....

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Posted on Friday, July 15, 2005 - 01:36 am:

The sky was cold and grey when Pat and Punkin came in the next mornin,, Wau and the rangers walked out on the creeky boardwalk to meet them.
Pat said." Wau they have some hostages and most are white. could be they got the ones we're after. " Dan confirmed the sightn,, Boden spoke up, " reckon there is anyone in town that might want to help?" Horne said he knew a couple of people that he had seen around town that make good on the chase..
Ben Ali Canbee and Yellow hand showed up before the rest got ready to leave. Ben was a bead trader for gold and Yellow Hand well, he was just there for the fun..
Nine of the Texicans rode out to meet five hundred or so indians...
On the way out Pat said that the indians had better than a thousand ponies and if he could get away with a few hundred he would be happy..
Five miles out from the indian camp the rangers and the rest made a temporary camp and made plans for a quick in and out with hostages, and anyone else that wanted to come out.. to be continued...

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Posted on Tuesday, July 19, 2005 - 11:48 pm:

Indians wasn't much for early risin , except when they was killin and stealin.
Early before dawn Pat and Punkin headed for the horse ramuda, figured they would give cover fire then stampe all the horses toward the south and home and leave the biggest part of the redskins afoot. Ben and Yellowhand set up on the next canyon over to cover fire for the escaping cowboys.
Wau and rangers slipped in to grab who they could as Yank and the rest held horses on the edge of camp.
Meantime Pat and Punkin eaised there way thru horses to a couple of young bucks which was sleepn intstead of watchin horses like they should have. Pat made short work of the first as he had borrowed Yanks D-ring Bowie knife. He picked up the quiver layin beside the brave and bein about half injun in ways hisself burried an arrow deep in the chest of the other on sleepin leaned up against a tree. Punkin made his way about halfway up the canyon wall and set up the 73' ready to down any injuns makin for the horses while Pat got them all headed in the right direction.
Leatherneck pulled the Sharp's off of Sharp's and set up near the edge of camp and lined up a bandalero of bullets on the rock in front of him.. He told Yank in a soft voice, " when this is over and we get home i think i will jine the navy,, someone says you can jine up and don't have to go on a boat , just be a foot soldier and hear they get better grub than the army." Yank said,"Yeah whatever, you'll be back like always lookin like a whooped pup and needin me, so i ain't worried."
The rangers and Wau headed for the teepee that Pat and Punkin had told them about. It was plain and no paintn on the sides like the ones around it. Horne eased the flap open and jumped inside with both bad pistols drawn,, hopin he wouldn't have to shoot somethin point blank as the springs was weak in'em and might not bust a cap.
Inside he found Shane's wife and the girls plus two more white women. Horne said , " we come to get ya and we need to be quiet , don't take nothin just get outside and Boden will show ya the way." Wau watched as bodies slipped into the darkness, two kiddos and four women, "dang, that's all we need is a whole covey of quail to watch for 400 miles." he thought.
Some early risin squaw saw the last of the women slippn in the dark and called out to one. No one answered and he commensed to hollarin at the teepee she came out of and went to tellin some little buck what was goin on. He went runnin by one of the teepees and Wau stepped out and caught him under the chin with a big jaw bone from a buffalo. That silenced the buck but the squaw saw it and went to screamin.
Injuns started comin out of the grass it looked like. Wau unleashed the two colts on the first few that came into site and the colts sounded like thunder in the valley as they echoed up the canyons..
Pat looked up at Punkin and said,"It's started"
Leatherneck ran a long round in the Sharp's and took a took a good rest on his bedroll layin on top of the rock.
Horses was spookin and Yank was havin a devil of a time keepin them together as the Rangers and Hostages came out of the dark. "We ain't got enough horses" Horne said, "Gonna have to double up.."
Leatherneck was seein the first of the braves to come close enough to see and unleashed the sharp's, He lined up three of the braves and touched one off the firs two flew backwards hard enough to dang near kill the third, but the 500 grain bullet had beat them all opened him up like a couger had got him.
Wau had Colts a bellarin and took off for Yank and the horses. He was nearly there when he clap of thunder hit him and sent him spinnin ,he felt like someone had hit him with a caliche rock in the back. He regained his senses and took off when Leatherneck took out a brave with a coup stick fixin to finish Wau off.
Horses rumbled and Yank stayed to make sure Wau was on Sharp's . He was bleedn bad but was in the saddle and they all headed down the canyon.
As the riders headed down the canyon Leatherneck mounted and fell in and were all ridin under the roarn fire of Yellowhand and Ben.
Punkin was pourn hell on the bunch head for where they thought there horses was. Pat was drivin horses as best he could and the canyon walls helped but a few were straglin behind and would surley get caught and mounted before long. Pat fired a signal shot for Dan to mount and fall in behind.
At the bottom where the two canyons came together near a thousand horses bellared and pounded and the riders and hostages fell in behind roarin across the badlands of Kansas . too be continued.

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Posted on Wednesday, July 20, 2005 - 12:19 am:

The sun was peekn over the horizon and the clouds of dirt kicked up by the horses looked like a prarie fire . The woman doubled up with Horne slumpd and lost her grip as a trapdoor boomed from behind them. Dee tried to catch her as she fell from the horse but his left arm just wouldn't work. The bullet had went thru her and ripped a gash just above the elbow. Tex pulled hard on the dunn horse and spun him around , at the same time let the hammers down on a ten guage Greenier loaded with double ougts. Horses fell and injuns lost body parts as the buck shot cleared the trail.
Punkin rode hard past the stampedin ponies and found a high ridge. He dismounted and pulled the 73' and set up to lay down a little cover for the rest of the bunch.
Boden saw Punkin and headed for the ridge and dismounted to give some help. As he rounde a big rock a round knocked off a spray of chips and hit him in the eye.
Punkin told him to start shootn but Boden said'" i caint see a thing , think they put my eye out"
Dan helped Tex get back on the dunn and told him to ride for the cloud of dust.
Punkin downed two or three more braves and noticed that they were thinnin out.
Guess a bunch didn't know what the fuss was about and the rest shur as the devil didn't care about no white's.
Ifn anymore was a trailin it was over them danged horses that Pat had to have. to be continued....

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Posted on Thursday, July 21, 2005 - 12:24 am:

Indians love to steal horses, but hate to have their horses stolen. They loose a bunch when you steal indian ponies. A couple good ponies are worth at least two women, and three or four are worth enough to eat for the winter.
Ben Layenem set 10 of the best braves out for the ponies and whatever else they could bring back.
The riders pressed on like the indians usually do and didn't stop ridin until the south fork of the Pease river near south of the Canadian.
Wau had lost lots of blood and could barley set the saddle and Boden had Yankee tryin to pick rock chips out of his eye. They didn't loose but one of the women, but had Shane's wife and the kids from up the San Saba and a couple more that were already talkin indian.
They made camp in the copper breaks of the Pease and tried to heal up and load bullets.
The plan was as soon as all were we'll enough to travel and fed up they would not slow down until they came into Ft. Griffin by Albany..
One and a half days still found the riders in camp Wau was still in trouble and Boden was near ready to ride.
There was a relaxed mood around the camp and all figured that the cost was clear.
Pat and Punkin took the horses on south a little to the Red and let them start grazin, and waited on the rest to start moving that afternoon.
Horne was talkin to Wau and tellin him that he thought it was time to move, that trouble would be on them pretty quick, when an arrow burried deep in the rangers chest. Wau managed to pull a colt and shot the redskin in the face at point blank range runnin in with a head splittn stone axe.
Boden run over undercover of some trees and took out one of the screamin savages with the greenier.
The injuns was a testin their manhood and testin to see how the camp was set up. They came usually alone for the next few minutes until three or four were in the happy huntin grounds.
Yank made it to Dee who was shot clean thru. She cut the iron trade point off the back of the arrow and pulled the rest out the front. No doubt Dee was done for.
Boden slid in beside them and told Dee that he was a good ranger and was a better friend. Dee said , " Tex me and Laura used to court down in a grove of trees on the Rio Grande toward south Texas around Del Rio,, would ya take me back there to burry me?" Tex had no other answer but "Yeah i will". Horne sighed a big breath and and told Yank she could have his pistols. He was gone.
Yank took out the D-ring and cut a big plug of bacce off and stuffed it in her mouth. Tex, she said,"want them damed pistols?", "Hell no" .
They got Horne up and over a saddle and the rest got ready to head for the Red with Pat and Punkin.
Every few miles the indians would make a fast and accurate swing on the riders,for the rest of the day.
The riders camped about a day from the Red. Wau was still bleedin and Boden walked in a circle and kept seein the same country. The kiddo's was cryin and the women was no help at all.
Next mornin Tex led out leadin the horse carrin Dee , none of the other horses would act right around a horse carrin a deadman. They all headed on to the Red.
Wau had fell way behind and was leanin over the saddle horn when a brave came out of the trees lettn out a war whoop. Sharp's nostrils flared and kicked into a dead run.
It was too late though, the warrior run a war lance thru Wau on the way by, headed for the next straggler.
Wau knew this was the end and reached down and cut the cinch on Sharps' saddle and spurred him good and him and saddle fell to the ground. Sharps nearly reached Yankee when the trapdoor boomed and hit him square in the back of the head. 17 hands of horse folded and hit the ground. Yankee turned to see the brave on the move towward her and pulled the D-Ring and let it fly. The redskin turned a backflip off the back of the horse and hit in a cloud of dust with the knife burried to the handle in his chest.
Everything was quiet then , no more indians, for the time bein.
Leatherneck and Yellowhand pulled up to Wau while Yankee was talkin to him. Wau , had a lance plum thru him and was in truly a bad way.
He ask Yank to help Boden get everyone back and tell Gran it was all right.
Sharps was breathin his last breath and Wau took his." Adiois Amigos " said Yellowhand, Yankee , pulled the D-ring out of the chest of the indian and hit him between the eyes with the butt.
"Wau didn't go for Mexico" she said , "just Texas!"
What was left of the riders headed for the Red with Wau and Dee slung over saddles. to be continued.

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Posted on Saturday, July 23, 2005 - 12:51 am:

Chief Ben was sendin 10 to 15 riders every few hours to hit the riders. So as the bucks caught up there was a skirmish..
The riders were crossin the Red when the next wave it.
Yellowhand was leadin the horses with bodies and let the one with Wau on it get away, when an arrow pinned his leg to the saddle and horse.
Pat and Punkin were front ridin behind the ramuda and pulled up on the south side of the river and made pretty quick work of sluggish horses crossin a river. Punkin said , " that's kinda like puttin fish back in the barrel."
Everything back gathered up again and Leatherneck said , "Where is Wau." "Lost him and the horse in the river." "Well, your bleedn out from the arrow in ya leg , so you can go look for him till ya kill over, and then guess you can burry the both of ya."
Boden said we needed to get Wau but was still spinnin circles every time he opened both eyes.
Pat said, " we all liked the little critter but we gotta go, let him be."
Horses snorted and all took off but Yellowhand who was gettn weeker by the minute.
Punkin said,"we gonna help Yellowhand?" " "Naw, we ain't got time for anybody," Pat replied.
Near the Brazos the injuns hit with pure force , near 30 or so came in from two sides.
Pat and Punkin was blazin away and droppin like them flies. Bowden was hold up in a live oak grove and still circlin and took a 56 cal. Spencer round in the side. He pulled his colt and and busted a round off but he was aimin with the wrong eye and shot his horse dead betwix the eyes. The big dunn was just gone in an instant. The Spencer burped two more times and Ranger Tex Boden went to the promised land. The injun was on Tex in a flash and was gonna try and get some hair but looked confused as he ripped the hat off. Leatherneck busted the sharp's off from across the flat and took out the culprit.
Yank gathered up kiddo's and women and sent them on behind stamped'n horses.
Ben Ali Canbee headed in for Tex and the group watched four braves corner him in the liveoak grove. Ben was done too.
Pat, Punkin, Yank, and Leatherneck was pushin 400 plus indian ponies and a covey of young'uns and Shanes wife, and had better than 70 miles of breaks to go, to the south fork of the Brazos and Ft. Griffin. to be continued.

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Posted on Saturday, July 23, 2005 - 08:41 pm:

Over the next ridge Punkin was trailin the group when a trapdoor caught him between the shoulder blades and he rolled off the back of his horse. Yankee saw him go down and spun her horse around to see about him. Boom, the springfield boomed again and Yank was down beside Dan. Two shots and two dead riders, all the trails both had been down to get shut down so quick really didn't seem fair, but that was the way in the west.
Leatherneck couldn't stand it , he could see Yank on the ground in a heap of dead horses and Dan close by. He spurred the pony hard and headed out ridin on the off side of the horses neck injun style headed for Yank.
Luck wasn't with our riders today though his pony stepped in a gopher hole and went head over heels to the bottom of the draw. His pony stumbled up and looked dazed.. Cap had more than a dazed look,, a broken neck and he was walkin the pearly gates with Yank and Punkin.
Pat was the only rider left with women and kids and horses poundin.. they pushed to the middle of the stormin horses to get lost in the dust and thunder of the band.
to be continued...

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Posted on Saturday, July 23, 2005 - 09:11 pm:

Horses snorted and hoofs pounded,, all anyone could hear was horses.. when someone said,"Lane,, Lane Mclean,, wake up , by golly i think he's comin around."
Doc Greyfox's voice rang in Lane's ears,, Yank, Caprock ,, come in here i think Lane is comin out of it!",, Lane's eyes were blurry at first but could make out Doc and Yank and Cap came in the room.. They were fixin to take over Doc's practice as he was retirin next month to fish and hunt the rest of his days and see no more sickn's.
They help Lane set up in the bed and horses pounded the streets outside the window.. Doc said,"all that noise may have helped ya, that is Pat and Punkin drivin in horses off their ranch to the railhead. Hear tell they got near five thousand head, sold them to the army or somethin, they'll be byin the town wisky tonight."
Yank said, "dang Lane, I don't know what you and Wau got into fishin down on the San Saba, but Wau came in last Sunday draggin you on a litter behind Sharps, and you been down with a terrible fever for goin on five days now. Your gonna have to get back in the groove cause Sherriff Brown wants you four rangers to go down to Pecos and get some guy named Bean who has been actin like a judge and hangin people."
Lane looked out the window as the last of the horses went by , and saw Boden, Horne and Wau all talkin to the sheriff, and remembered he was a Texas Ranger and rode with them three.
Cap brought Lane a cup of hot soup loaded with wiskey and told him to drink it.
Lane said he thought he wanted to try and walk a little out to the porch.
Cap helped him out side and he sat down in a chair and started sippin the soup.
He looked across the street and the other three rangers and sheriff was wavin and laughn, probably caused he looked so puny.
A few doors down Jason Bullwhip the banker was raisin cane with Shane the head teller and tellin him he couldn't believe he couldn't count change out and worked in a bank. He didn't get too loud though cause he knew Shane's wife would be down there with that covey of kids whoopin on him with a broom for treatin her husband bad.
Ben Ali Canbee was on down the street loadn grain in Yellowhands wagon as he owned the feedstore.
Larn was a swattn at kiddo's down at the school , guess one put a tack in his seat again.
actually just a typical day down in Sprayberry ,Texas..
Lane sipped deep on the wiskey broth. "Dang what a dream,, and i wasn't even in my on dream! How in the hell can that happen?"

been a pleasure folks ,, my brain is thought out, no more stories for me.. WBS
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